What and how to choose your wedding guest gifts

wedding guest gifts

Weddings are among the happiest events on our calendar, as sometimes friends from far away come together to celebrate the union of a couple they love. But there is a part of the event that can cause you stress. No, we’re not talking about finding the right outfit! We are going to take a look at the best wedding gift ideas.

From spring to the last days of summer, our calendar is full of weddings. The cost of attending these celebrations can add up quite quickly, so we’ve got gift ideas for every budget. Brides and grooms are unique, so the perfect gift should match their personality.

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When wedding season is in full swing, it can be hard to find the time for all those wonderful celebrations. Not to mention making each one the perfect celebration for a couple you love. So how do you buy the right gift every time?

Traditionally, the wedding list allowed guests to help the new couple put together their trousseau for their life together. It included essential household items intended to equip the matrimonial home. As it is increasingly common for couples to live together before marriage, they already have most of the basics. We offer you original ideas for the home. If you know brides-to-be love homewares, or are looking to acquire a meaningful piece to furnish their space, we also have traditional ideas with a twist.

Box Subscriptions

Shopping for home decor fans can be tricky, as tastes are very personal. Not sure how to choose objects that perfectly match their décor? Box subscriptions will save you the day. The flower boxes are ideal for brightening up the house with seasonal flowers. The couple has the ability to customize what they receive each month. You can offer a subscription for a few months or an entire year, depending on your budget. A thoughtful, practical AND gift that will please for months.

Not sure they like flower boxes or looking for something cheaper? Look to subscriptions for wine and spirits, gadgets or technology, and even books.

Scent Plus Heart Melts is broken to melt.

Do you have a friend who is passionate about fragrances? Few things add such a beautiful finishing touch to a home as elegant scents, whether they come in the form of candles, flameless fragrances or innovative technologies.

Go further by selecting a scent that sums up the happy couple. Maybe they like the exotic style? Pair it with earthy and unique blends . If they like cool, airy interiors, scents inspired by clean  laundry will suit them perfectly.

If you know newlyweds who advocate wellness, choose essential oils and soy wax candles that show that you know them well and that you have chosen a gift that resembles them. Attach a handwritten note explaining to them why you chose the fragrance and product that is right for them.


Kitchenware is a classic wedding gift. Giving a toaster is a bit outdated, but you can choose much more luxurious and thoughtful items.

Pretty glasses are always a pleasure, and many couples may not yet own them. Consider a selection of whiskey, martini and champagne glasses for a sophisticated gift that goes beyond practicality.

Gifts made for entertaining are ideal for newlyweds, such as chic place settings. If you know your friends like to entertain, this will allow them to add a touch of elegance to their dinner parties. Or for cooks, invest in a branded piece that every budding professional wants to have, such as Le Creuset saucepans, Japanese steel knives or assortment of molds for the foodie.


Are your friends more interested in the latest technology? We all know that feeling: you see an amazing gadget that you wish you had, but the price is too high for you. That’s what friends are for! Tech devices are great gifts that never fail to surprise.

Rice cookers, air fryers and food processors are perfect for cooking enthusiasts and are always in high demand. In addition, the price ranges are very varied. If you’re looking for a timeless item, large coffee machines are always a hit. Opt for a built-in bean and steam espresso machine, the most versatile and reliable choice for the caffeine addict.

For your audiophile friends, home audio systems that work with smart home devices and Bluetooth provide unparalleled listening comfort. Do you think they would prefer a more traditional device? Record players are both beautiful and functional, and they will open up the world of vinyl collecting to them.

Discoveries for two

A couple sitting on a mountain, looking at the view, one is leaning on the other’s shoulder

Know a couple who likes to go on adventures or spend time exploring the great outdoors? No tea set will meet their expectations, so it’s time to think outside the box.

Give the newlyweds tickets to their next unforgettable adventure. A trip is expensive, so your gift will surely make the difference for two people who have just spent a lot of money on their wedding and may find themselves short of money for a while.

Reservations in the city of their dreams

If you know that the bride and groom are in love with a particular destination, add a personal touch and buy gift vouchers for the places they love.

A museum pass, an art gallery membership or a gift voucher for a good restaurant will allow them to immerse themselves in the cultural environment of their vacation spot. It will also give them the excuse they needed to get away for the weekend.



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