Wedding traditions

Wedding traditions

Since you’ve been preparing for the most exciting event of your life, you’ve continued to discover with amazement and pleasure new customs surrounding the wedding reception. There are indeed many wedding traditions whether in France, in Europe or in the world. It’s up to you to make them last… or not. I make you (re) discover a dozen of them and explain those that I followed.

Why do we want to follow often ancestral wedding traditions?

Most brides dress in white and take the time to choose the perfect dress for the big day. We like to throw the bouquet, watch a waltz between the bride and her father, or even exchange wedding rings.

It is all these rituals that contribute to the sacredness and uniqueness of the wedding day . These customs and traditions help make your reception exceptional and unforgettable.

There are even traditions specific to certain French regions such as the brioche dance in the Vendée or the planting of pine trees in the Dordogne and the Landes.

At the risk of repeating myself, marriage must first reflect your personality, and must look like you. Nothing prevents you from diverting certain traditions to breathe a little modernity into them.

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10 old wedding traditions to adapt

Here is a selection of 10 wedding traditions that you can completely adapt to your situation and your desires.

1. Wear wedding rings

It is the object par excellence that symbolizes your commitment. Normally you are supposed to wear your engagement ring on  the left ring finger until the wedding day when it moves to the right ring finger to make way for the wedding band.  According to a legend from Egypt, this finger was chosen because a vein connects it directly to the heart, the vena amoris .


2. Not seeing your future husband the day before the wedding

As much to tell you that this one I did not respect it .. or at least only half! We indeed spent the evening each on our side, me surrounded by my friends and he with his only. On the other hand, we slept together the night before the wedding for practical and logistical reasons. It also helps to reassure and overcome stress.

3. Arrive at his father’s arm

If your dad can’t walk by your side that day, there are other  male figures  who are dear to you  and who will play the role of reassuring companion very well. A very close friend, another family member or even your mother. Share this moment with someone important to you.



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