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my wedding

Your wedding day is an unforgettable, magical and very emotional day. This special day passes at breakneck speed: the events follow one another quickly, the time to chat a little with your guests, to sit down to eat, to have fun on the dance floor and the day is already over! How can we fight this weather that is playing tricks on us? You can make your wedding last through the memories: the photos, the guestbook, the gifts from the guests. Here are our tips for choosing them well and keeping an indelible memory of your big day.

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Photo animation

In recent years, photo animations have been very popular for weddings. The bride and groom rent a photo booth, so the guests can take pictures of themselves independently. Disguises and accessories can be made available to them to spice up their photo. The photo booth prints the photos directly, you can choose several copies, and send the photo by email. The guests willingly lend themselves to the game. Generally, they love this concept, and this animation almost always meets with great success. The newlyweds will be able to receive by email all the photos taken by their guests, they will thus have the possibility of creating a photo book. These images are also a nice gift-memory that you offer to your guests. A moment of fun, for beautiful souvenir photos.

Wedding photo booth

The guestbook will allow you to have a little sweet word from each of your guests. It’s a very good way to remember the people present at your wedding and the atmosphere of this big day. Place it in a conspicuous place, away from cocktail parts and drinks. Highlight one or more pens. You can leave it in place all day until the end of the evening, to give your guests time to write a note. It is with great pleasure that you will discover all these little intentions, the days following your wedding. Be original in the support of your guestbook: you can use a board, a surfboard, an umbrella, any object that suits you and on which it is possible to write will make a good support!

Guest gifts and goodies

Guests also want to remember your wedding. To thank them for their presence, and offer them a small souvenir, consider giving them a small gift. A small intention will make them extremely happy. Again, it’s about finding an object that looks like you. If you are a gourmet couple, a small jar of jam engraved with your initials or macaroons will do the trick. Otherwise you can opt for just about anything: soap, pins, small candles, plants etc. everything is possible depending on your budget. You can also send goodies to your guests such as flat shoes to be able to relieve their foot and dance, sunglasses, or hats to protect themselves from the sun. These goodies will also be good memories of your wedding.

Video and photos

Of course, the photographer of your wedding will be able to immortalize your love and your D-day. We advise you to carefully select your photographer, because it is thanks to him that you will be able to relive your wedding. A wedding planner can help you by recommending the best photographers from her address book. You can also call on a videographer to have a film of your wedding, this promises you to relive all the emotions of the wedding.



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