Make your first time in the club a great

first time in the club

1. What advice would you give someone to help them get in faster and get the most out of their first Vegas nightclub experience?

The best option is to request a VIP table. The experience you will have as a new customer will stay with you much longer than the price shock of a bottle in Las Vegas. Arrive early, don’t forget your ID, and savor all the  wow elements  Tao Group establishments will parade before your eyes.

2. Are there any other tips/advice for club newbies regarding etiquette, both in line and inside the club?

Be polite, it will make all the difference when communicating with the staff. Don’t ask us anything illegal, it’s illegal in Vegas too and you’ll have to leave the establishment.

3. Cash is king. Does tipping the nightclub/security employees get you in faster?

It won’t help you much, honestly. Reserving a table will get you fast track entry. Otherwise, it is better to plan ahead and be on the guest list.

4. Are certain nights generally better suited for someone wanting to enter the nightclub without reserving a table? 

You should check our website for information on weekend events. Depending on the event of the evening, weekends off or other factors, any night can get chaotic in Vegas. We have at least as much fun on a Monday evening as on a Saturday evening…

5. Is it better to go to a club host/promoter first to get on a list, or to contact the club directly?

Absolutely. Talking to a host or promoter who works for the nightclub is the best way to make sure you’ll be taken care of. Relationships develop quickly, as providing a warm welcome is a priority for us. We’ll help you book your table, or a promoter will make sure you’re added to the list. A VIP host will be available throughout the evening and can help you throughout the weekend.

6. What are three things to remember for all nightclub patrons?

Identity card or passport, your dancing skills and a pair of earplugs.

7. We always hear about “ industry night ” parties  .

Yes, I always recommend evenings highlighting the work of local industry staff to my guests. You can see a crowd of pretty people there who definitely know how to party.

8. What expectations should clubgoers have at celebrity-hosted parties? 

Good question! If the party is being hosted by a celebrity, being strategically placed on the dance floor will normally give you an excellent view of the event. The red carpet rolls out quickly and may end before you realize the purpose of each blinding flash. I’d say it’s rare for them to mingle with the crowd, but I’ve seen them do it quite often.

9. Generally, how many people should this group consist of? Is four enough for a table?

At Tao, we can prepare a table for one person up to a few hundred, if needed. Most tables can accommodate 6 to 12 people, but no matter the size of the group, we are here to make your project a reality!

10. What are the rules for taking photos and videos inside nightclubs?

No GoPro gear or large cameras. Smartphones offer the perfect quality to obtain the desired photo for social media and they are accepted in all our establishments.

Since you’re now a Vegas nightclub expert, it’s time to get out there and rock the Strip—as it should be. With these tips, you’ll be truly set for the coolest party of your life…



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