Club dating: The 10 commandments

Club dating

1- Choose the right evening

This is step number 1. You need to feel comfortable in the party you are going to. Be careful, unlike Street Pickup, each nightclub or bar has its own atmosphere and its own clientele.

In addition, the male-to-female ratio is not the same from one nightclub to another. Be sure to choose a party whose targets match your age and the style of girls you are looking for.

Also be careful not to judge a nightclub too quickly. Depending on the days of the week, some clubs do not attract the same clientele at all. From one box to another the girls can go from ultra stuck mode to ultra hot mode. Do not hesitate to change the box if the evening you are in is not good.

A good indicator to know if you are likely to conclude is to look around you at the number of girls who are being kissed. If the figure is zero, statistically the evening is not very hot tonight.

2- Get in the mood

The second important thing is to synchronize the mood of the evening. Start by doing like everyone else. If you stand in the middle of the floor while everyone is dancing, that’s no good.

As in Street Pickup, you start by going under the radar before approaching your target. If everyone is drinking, get in the mood, have some alcohol too.

Conversely, if the girls seem rather sober, avoid drinking too much. In terms of dress, be in the code of the evening. Each atmosphere, each place, each evening has its dress code. Start by getting into the mold. For example, in after work, arrive in costume.

3- Screening

All the girls in parties are not equivalent, and it is not necessarily easy to see in advance which girls are available.

If she catches on, it’s important for you to fairly quickly estimate your chances of closing with her or not. For example, who did she come with, does she live far away?

Does friends accompany her or does she herself have to accompany her friends. These questions are key to whether you should continue your interaction with her, or just take her number and see her again later.

4- Prioritize groups of 2 girls

In nightclubs, groups of two girls are statistically easier to approach than groups. You can start by approaching one of the girls by taking her hand or whispering in her ear.

Group theory states that when you approach a girl, you attract her friend. Thus, approaching a girl in a group is a lever of attraction.

Moreover, when you approach a group of girls, and they are receptive, other girls see you approaching them, which gives you a pre-selection lever to seduce other girls. In a group of two girls, either approach your target directly or his girlfriend. Then, to continue the game of seduction, you will have to isolate your target.

5- Have a plan

Whatever you undertake, to be successful you must have a plan. In this case for the Pickup, we are talking about Game Plan. It’s about knowing what you want and determining the steps to get there.

A good evening game plan should include at least two basic steps. The first is the hot seduction phase on the dance floor, the second a comfort phase that can take place at the bar, or in any other quieter place in the nightclub.

The third phase of your Game Plan consists of concluding by offering her to come to your house, or to take her number to see her again at another time.

6- Go to contact: Dance or kino

Night Pickup differs from Street Pickup and Street Pickup in that seduction is much more non-verbal. In the evening, you can allow yourself to have a very high energy level , to get closer to her to speak in her ear or to dance with her glued tight.

The flirt in the evening is much more tactile, and you will also determine the compliance of your targets by evaluating their reactions to your approaches. Knowing how to dance is obviously an asset for the Night Pickup.

Kino level , you will have to learn to touch your target in order to excite it indirectly. The ear is a very sensitive area and the fact that the music is loud is a very good excuse to get closer to it.

7- Synchronize

Synchronization (NLP technique) is a basis of communication. The more in sync you are with someone, the more effective the communication. Evening cruising is no exception to this principle. On the approach, if the girl you want to flirt with is “High Energy”, be yourself “High Energy”, if she dances in a slower and more sensual way, be yourself more sensual. Synchronize your way of dancing.

8- Avoid being blocked by his friends

In Night Pickup, the average duration of an interaction without being interrupted is 3 minutes on average. So when you have approached your target, you can expect someone to Cockblock you within 3 minutes.

The consequence is that it is essential that you think about quickly isolating your target as soon as it has hooked. Take her hand and take her to another place in the nightclub.

9- Isolate and do a comfort phase

The emotional process of seduction necessarily includes a phase of comfort, which will be an opportunity for you and for her to create a connection. This phase is essential to create a link with her.

Many players believe that they have succeeded in seducing a woman after only kissing her or after dancing with her on the dance floor. It’s not win. Seduction is mainly at stake in this phase.



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