Best gifts to offer to your guests

Best gifts

It seems logical that each D-Day element should be in line with the theme of your wedding , and guest gifts are no exception to this rule. This will allow your guests to remember this beautiful moment all the better.

The important thing is that your guest gifts  seem special to them and reflect your personality, your hobbies, your character or your philosophy of life. Personal does not necessarily rhyme with complicated, no need to look for something too extravagant. A simple gift that illustrates your love story is the best solution.

Step 2. Define the budget

As you know, the budget is the key to planning a wedding. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize your priorities. With a small budget, we favor major preparations such as the caterer , the dress or the place of reception . Thus, the Do It Yourself (DIY) for your guest gifts seems to be the best option. In addition to its economic aspect, it allows you to offer a personalized and home-made gift, which will delight your guests. Many couples also choose to offer a small jar of homemade jam or honey to their guests on which they stick a personalized label for each. A little nothing that pleases a lot.

If you’re not very hands-on and have enough budget, you can look to companies that specialize in guest gifts . Even if the “manual” aspect will be missing, your guests will also notice the effort and appreciate the present at its fair value.

Step 3. Send a message

Exit conventions, traditions and clichés, the main function of the gift is to send a special message to your guests.

A symbol of your love story and this idyllic day spent with them is the best alternative. A photo, a compilation of your favorite songs , a t-shirt or an accessory will allow you to express yourself and tell your guests how much they mean to you. With imagination as the only limit, free your creative spirit!

Looking for a powerful message? The solidarity gift is a noble and original idea.

Step 4. Know the different types of gifts

Souvenir gifts should not be chosen lightly. To give them meaning, think about who they are for and personalize them . Sometimes it can be a simple letter, just a few lines about how that friend or relative has been so special to you or your relationship. Instead of offering a CD of your favorite songs, you can compile a series of themes that remind you of each of your guests . Your guests will particularly appreciate these little touches.

Photographs or decorative objects, you can also find a gift that reflects your love story and that your guests will be happy to keep. The idea is that this object represents you and your partner.

Solidarity giving is fantastic for charming your guests and, at the same time, participating in a cause that is close to your heart and trying to make the world a better place. This involves sending the money for your gifts to charity in the names of your guests. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to help out and spend money at the same time.

Handcrafted (aka DIY) gifts tend to appeal to diners more than you might imagine. Homemade jam, cookies or wine with a personalized label, all ideas are good to take, provided that you have participated in the design.

Smart gifts , usually reserved for everyday life, are now enjoying great success. Sunglasses, sneakers or diaries, this type of gift is unlikely to collect dust on a shelf or sleep in a drawer as soon as the party is over. These gifts are useful and your guests will thank you for them.

More classic? You can always opt for more traditional gifts such as mini bottles of liquor or wine, bracelets or even favors .

Top 3 of the best gifts to offer to your guests

If we had to offer a top 3 of the most popular guest gifts , we would tell you to think about offering a little something that will please everyone.

In third position , we offer you a gift that will allow your guests to keep a paper trail of your wedding. Offering Polaroids on your wedding day will help you capture the moment.

The cool side of Polaroids (unlike cell phone photos): the photos are taken at the moment T! Your girlfriends won’t be able to tell you “Please delete, we’ll take one back”. The beauty of this concept lies in its spontaneity .

The second place on this podium is attributed to gifts that can be eaten , drunk or cooked . Gluttony is a pretty defect, which we (almost) all share. This is also the time to highlight artisanal productions . Who can resist, or not appreciate, biscuits, honey, olive oil, or even a small vial of Limoncello? Not us anyway!



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