Beautiful skin and nutrition: what foods to eat?

Beautiful skin and nutrition

Beautiful skin is not just the result of applying regular care. It also depends on our diet , because as we say so well “we are what we eat”.

Indeed, certain foods such as black grapes, carrots, salmon, almonds or green tea are full of vitamins , antioxidants and all kinds of nutrients that promote beautiful skin!

Discover in this article which are the best ingredients to put on your plate, but also which ones to avoid to keep your skin healthy.

Take care of your interior and it will show on the outside!

1. Colorful fruits and vegetables for beautiful skin

Red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables are not only beautiful to look at, they also have very interesting properties to improve the condition of our skin! Eat them preferably raw to retain all their benefits.

Eat them in salads, juices, crunchy, steamed or lightly seared! If you cook them they will lose some of their properties, but they will still be beneficial to health thanks to the fibers they contain.

Mango , carrot , apricot , melon , yellow/red pepper , yellow peach : rich in beta-carotene , they contribute to the renewal of skin cells and help the skin to stay young . Thanks to the antioxidants they contain, they bring radiance to the complexion and fight against the harmful effects of UVs. Do not hesitate to consume it when you expose yourself to the sun!

Kiwi , oranges and guava : bursting with vitamin C, these fruits promote the production of collagen and help protect the cells of the dermis from external aggressions and slow down wrinkles !

Black grapes : if you suffer from rosacea and/or have skin that reddens easily, consume black grapes, rich in polyphenols, which improve blood circulation and reduce skin inflammation.

Papaya : thanks to the antioxidants and vitamin C it contains, papaya is effective against blemishes and regulates sebum secretion .

Avocado : its lipid-rich pulp promotes the formation of collagen and smoothes the skin . It’s a real anti-aging! In addition, it is also composed of vitamins C and E which help the skin barrier to fight against external aggressions.

The green vegetables

Artichoke , broccoli , spinach or even green cabbage contain powerful antioxidants. They contribute to cellular regeneration, repair of the skin, strengthen it and protect it. If you have sensitive skin, these are the foods to absolutely introduce into your eating habits!



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