Filtering sunscreens

Filtering sunscreens

A significant portion of sunlight radiation that the body needs for essential biological functions. There is not a single scientific study that can prove that the sun can cause skin cancer or other diseases. However, this does not prevent health authorities, for the wrong reasons, from issuing “warnings” against the risks of unreasonable sunbathing.

The sun is now believed to be the main culprit in skin cancer, certain cataracts leading to blindness, and skin aging. But itHow then can we understand that the percentage of melanoma (skin cancer) on the Orkney and Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, is ten times higher than on the Mediterranean islands?

Moreover, the most dangerous of skin cancers, melanoma, generally appears on areas of the skin that are never exposed to the sun.

A study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) showed that 97% of Americans are contaminated by an extremely toxic chemical called Oxybenzone contained in sunscreens. This chemical is found in nearly 600 sunscreen products, including children’s formulas.

Most sunscreen creams and lotions also contain Avobenzone which allows a broad spectrum protection against UVA radiation wrongly considered as the main cause of long-term damage caused to the skin.

Most sunscreens also contain a cocktail of a dozen or more carcinogenic chemical fragrances and many synthetic substances derived from petrochemicals. Many of these chemicals are easily absorbed by the skin.

The manufacturers of these products claim that most toxic products degrade in the presence of sunlight and are therefore safe for the consumer. This is a false claim, since according to the CDC, almost every American is contaminated with sunscreen chemicals (in France, we don’t know anything!). Avobenzone and, even more so, oxybenzone penetrate the skin very quickly.

But there are also other chemical “treats” in sunscreens like:

Virtually no adequate safety testing has been done on these chemicals. Cosmetics also contain them, and the body absorbs them like a sponge.

Moreover, many widely used sunscreens are generators of free radicals, and this is the main cause of skin cancer. They are so dangerous that those who handle them in the laboratory must ensure that they do not come into contact with their skin!

Knowing that skin cancers have increased dramatically since the massive promotion of sunscreens, this should have resonated with consumers, but instead they continued to slather their skin with these dangerous chemical creams. For what ? Because the mass media funded by the drug giants have done everything to prevent the population from hearing about the alarming studies that have been carried out.

The medical industry’s biggest argument for using sunscreen is that it protects against skin cancer because it prevents sunburn, implying that skin cancers are caused by sunburn. of Sun. But that’s a free statement.

More recent studies done in England and Australia have even found a much higher rate of skin cancer in people who live mostly indoors compared to those who spend their time outdoors.



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