Simple and Effective DIY Solution: Milk Route Water-less Peel for Face and Body

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Are you searching for an uncomplicated DIY chemical peel that caters to your facial and body skincare needs? Look no further than Milk Route® Water-less from CHOSEN® By Dermatology, a lactic acid peel gaining popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness. Derived from plant acids, this peel offers a straightforward solution to various skincare concerns. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve into the practical benefits of Milk Route® Water-less, revealing how it can contribute to smoother and revitalised skin.

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Milk Route® Water-less Lactic Acid Peel: A Practical Powerhouse

Known for its ability to deliver deep exfoliation without the potential harshness of some chemical peels, Milk Route® Water-less boasts an innovative anhydrous formula that harnesses the potential of plant-derived lactic acid. Let’s explore the practical benefits it brings to the table.

Body Peel for Truncal Acne:

Bid farewell to stubborn truncal acne as Milk Route® Water-less lactic acid peel steps in to help you achieve more precise and smoother skin on your body.

Reduction of Back and Butt Acne:

This lactic acid peel targets acne on the back and buttocks, minimising breakouts and promoting a clearer complexion in these often troublesome areas.

Effective Against Keratosis Pilaris:

For those dealing with keratosis pilaris, characterised by tiny, rough bumps on the skin, Milk Route® Water-less proves to be a transformative solution, enhancing the skin’s texture.

Rejuvenation of Skin on the Body:

Milk Route® Water-less doesn’t just exfoliate; it rejuvenates your skin, leaving it fresh, vibrant, and well-hydrated.

Hands and Feet Peel:

Don’t overlook your hands and feet. This peel reduces dryness, making your hands feel soft and your feet smooth.

Face and Neck Peel for Sensitive Skin:

Tailored for individuals with sensitive skin on the face and neck, this product employs a gentle yet effective formula to provide necessary exfoliation without irritation.

Milk Route® Water-less lactic acid peel is your all-encompassing solution for achieving radiant, healthy skin without harsh chemicals. Its practicality makes it suitable for a variety of skin concerns and types. Embrace the natural power in Milk Route® Water-less and witness the transformative journey towards beautiful, radiant skin.



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